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Thai Entertainment Show

Thai Cultural Dance Show

“Embark on a 10-Minute Journey Through Thai Culture: Experience the beauty and richness of Thai cultural dance, complete with engaging audience interaction.”

Thailand Entertainment Show

Thai Silk Dance Show

"Experience the allure of a Thai contemporary dance spectacle, highlighted by an exquisite silk performance."

Thailand Entertainment Show

Grand Thai Cultural Show

"Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Thai culture with our show, a vibrant fusion of dynamic drum rhythms, live music, and a diverse array of Thai dance performances."

Thailand Entertainment Show

Street Percussion Show

"Experience the energy and excitement of a lively street percussion and drum performance, filled with rhythm and entertainment."

Thailand Entertainment Show

Thai Thousand Hands Show

“Experience the Magic of the Thousand Hands Dance Performance”

Thailand Entertainment Show

Ancient Thai Drum Opening Show

"Kickstart your experience with a thrilling Thai drum performance that sets the stage, pulsating with the intensity and fervor of battle."

Thailand Entertainment Show

Muay Thai Martial Art Show

"Witness the display of Muay Thai, an age-old martial art form also known as Thai Kick Boxing, showcasing the strength and agility of self-defense."

Thailand Entertainment Show

Cabaret Show

"Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of our Thai Cabaret show, a dazzling spectacle of glitter and glamour."

Thailand Entertainment Show

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Thai entertainment with our diverse show performances, perfect for all types of corporate events.


Available in Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand, our offerings range from multi-regional Thai cultural dance performances and contemporary Thai dances to thrilling Muay Thai kickboxing demonstrations. Experience the glamour and dazzle of our renowned Drag Queen show, feel the rhythm with our street percussionists, and enjoy various other performances.

Our goal is to leave your audience delighted and impressed.

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